Safety Matters

Integrated Controller

The Integrated Drive & Controllers, A Variety Of Factors, Including Safety Reliability Inherent Characteristics Of Elevator Operations & Potential Energy Load Are Taken Into Consideration. It Improves Performance, Usage Convenience & Economical Efficiencies.

Vvvf Controller

Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVF) Lift Derive Employs Frequency Inverter Technology Which Regulates Input Voltage & Frequency Throughout The Journey, Drawing Much Less Current During Acceleration & Deceleration. This Means Superior Ride Quality & Accurate Floor Leveling With Jerk Free Start & Stop. When Compared With Other Modes Of Drives, One Can See That The V3F Drive Offers Low Starting Current. It Can Reduce Motor Starting Current. It Can Reduce Motor Starting Currents. By As Much As 50 To 80% Compared With Conventional Motor Drives, Further, Wear & Tear Of The Equipment Can Also Be Less During Start/Stop Of The Motor By Using V3F Motor Drive.

Automatic Rescue Device

ARD Is Temporary Power To The Life During Sudden Power Cutoff While The Lift Is In Motion. It provides A Power Backup Through External Batteries To Run The Lift Till It Reaches To Its Nearest Landing & It Gets Totally Discharged, Passengers Travelling In The Lift Could Come Out Safely. This Is A Mandate Safety Device As Per The Govt. Norms.

Overload Warning Indicator

Overload Warning Indicator Alarm Beeps When The Elevator Is Overloaded & Restricts The Elevator From Transporting A Number Of People Above The Maximum Prescribed Limit.

Over Speed Governer

In Case The Elevator Speed Exceeds The Rated Speed Towards Down Direction Due to Gravitational Acceleration. The Over Speed Governor Activates The Clutch & Stops The Elevator Through Electrical And Mechanical Function Activation & Jamming The Elevator Car Safely On Guide Rails.

Infrared Light Curtain

Safety Light Curtains Sensors Is An Device That Detects Any Object On The Doorway Which Prevents The Door From Closing. It Forms A Safety Net Across The Entrance Area With The Infrared Beams To Stop Closing Of The Door.

Voice Annunciator With Music

This system provides detailed information to passengers related to next floor, with mild background music. It also announces the rescue operation in case of power failure.

Push Buttons

Long Lasting Chrome Plated Finish Button with Led Illumination & Engraved Numbers. Highly Tamper Resistant

Fireman Switch

A Fireman's Switch Is A Specialized Switch That Allows To Quickly Disconnecting The Power And Stop Using Elevator That May Pose A Danger In The Event of Emergency Situations.

Car Emergency Light & Alram

The Car Emergency Light Turns On By Battery Backup In Case Of Power Failure. The Alarm Button Is Used During Emergency Situations Or Power Failure To obtained The Help By pressing The Alarm Button.

Car Fan Auto Cut Off

Car Fan Automatically Starts When The Call is Registered & Stops Once It Reaches The Respective Landing, Which Results In Saving Power & Enhancing Its Life.

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