Lifts or Elevator

Traction Passenger Elevator Designed For Residential & Commercial Buildings

Traction Passenger Elevator

Traction Passenger Elevator(RIGGED)

Rigged Passenger Elevator Designed For Residential & Commercial Buildings

MRL Passenger Elevator

MRL Passenger Elevator(Epicyclic )

Designed For Residential & Commercial Buildings. These are High Speed Elevators Without Machine Room

Hydraulic Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator(Hydraulic)

Hydraulic Is A Compact, Comfort Elevator, Head Room & Machine Roomless. Pit is not required

Manual Door Elevator

Manual Door Elevator(TELESCOPIC)

Telescopic Is An Economical Elevator, Geared Traction With Machine Room, Suitable For Low Rise Residential Projects

Home Lifts Elevator

Home Lifts Elevator

Home Lifts are Designed For Villas Projects. Single Phase Power Supply. Compact Space & Low Rise Head Room

Goods Elevator

Goods Elevator(Goods)

A goods lift (or cargolift) is a machine to lift goods vertically in a safe way. Persons are not allowed on the lift, only for loading and unloading.

Hospital Bed Lift

Hospital Bed Lift(Hospital Bed Lift)

Hospital Bed Lift Are Designed For Hospital Purposes Geared & Gearless Options Are Available

Capsule Elevator

Capsule Elevator(Capsule)

Capsule lifts are those specialized lifts which are installed on the exteriors of the structures or the lobby to enhance the look and elevation of the building or the structure.


Dumbwaiter(Dumb Waiter)

A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator or lift intended to carry food.

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